Manchester - so much to answer for. It's a city that's given us the Industrial Revolution, Joy Division,
Thomas de Quincey, the Manchester egg, Old Trafford, the Beetham Tower, the Smiths among many other things.

Inspired by Copenhagen Cycle Chic, we want to show you that Manchester is also a city of citizens cyclists. We're not bothered about fashion trends, we're interesting in the variety of eyecatching cyclists in this city - whether they're riding fixed gear, Dutch-style upright or a Brompton. Maybe even if they're wearing Lycra.

Current Contributors:
LC of Naturally Cycling: Manchester // Twitter: @naturallycyclin // ciaolc82 [at]
With the wonderful assistance of our Flickr Group Pool 'agents in the field'.

Who started MCR Cycle Chic:
Jacky of northwest is best // Twitter: @northwestjacky // jacky [at]
LC of Naturally Cycling: Manchester // Twitter: @naturallycyclin // ciaolc82 [at]
Mr Colostomy of former Manchester Cycling // manchestercycling [at]

We are always looking for new contributors, who share the MCR Cycle Chic's manifesto. If interested drop us a line!
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