Saturday, 26 March 2011

Walking your bike

Who says you have to ride your bike all the time, the brilliancy of the bike is that with friends sans vélo, you can easily walk your bike, and chat, and have fun... and look rather dapper, as this fine chap illustrates!


  1. If that's early in the morning, I reckon he's not riding because his hands would have frozen to the bar-tape less bars.

  2. He could be walking it because it isn't road legal. Maybe he is on his way to/from a track of some sort.

  3. You are both very mean! If he was sporting lycra, then I'd have no qualms you eating him alive... but I agree with coffeelover: nice shoes!

  4. well if you are gonna post him up as an example of good taste then how about: standard kicks that are the highpoint of an ok if abit drab outfit.

    Not to mention the bike which looks like a very old conversion, slack geometry, no bartape nobreaks. He wouldent be allowed to ride that thing on any track, especially Manchester's boards. MEH

  5. Oh deary me Sneakerhead, you're such an interesting character! We are glad our imagery of Manchester Cycle Chic is attracting your attention so much. Wishing you a great cycling week end ahead!


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