Thursday, 19 May 2011

Human Scale Transport

On my lovely ride to Chorlton for groceries today (via the Fallowfield Loop Floop) I saw a few older folk on bikes.

I saw the lady with the bike parking up at the cross-roads at the time I went into the supermarket. When I was leaving, it looks like she had bumped into a friend and elected to push her bike for a while so they could chat. Bicycles are remarkably "human" modes of transport, travelling by car, these two would never have had their chance encounter and a chat.

I bumped into this chap locking my bike up at the supermarket, he was sorting out a puncture. He seemed very impressed with my bike, mainly because he didn't know they still made, "Proper bikes." I saw him again on my way home via the Floop and I rode with him for a few minutes chatting about where he got his bike from and how he enjoys it because "It gets me around."

The encounter left me in a good mood, and I hope I had the same effect on him. This is the sort of interaction which only happens when transport is on a human scale, another one of the benefits of cycling.


  1. Very pleased to see you using the term Floop, the new official name for the Fallowfield Loop we coined on Twitter a couple of weeks back yonder. Hope it was our influence; that would be lovely! See you at Critical Hammas (you can use that too, if you like) later? xClara & Hettie

  2. I remember seeing it on Twitter and thinking "Yes!"

  3. I'm glad you captured the moments for posterity. Thanks for sharing and feel free to drop by me too, soon.


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