Sunday, 18 March 2012

Out from hibernation [we hope!]

Mad Cycle Lanes of  Manchester has made a good point that MCR Cycle Chic had gone awfully quite for the past three months.


Between the current 'editors' (bloggers, posters, you call us what you like) running many other things as well as holding down normal jobs and the dreary days of winter, not much cycling action has been captured.

Let's hope that with these recent timid days of spring we have been experiencing, we will bounce back to activity too!

Once again, we refresh our request that all of you, dear Manchester cyclists, kindly contribute to our Flickr group, so that we can have a bigger pool of cycling inspiration.

Any photos which will then be posted here will be dutifully credited.

Here we start with a cracking bike and a cycling ensemble by Velocipedinerian. Thanks!


  1. Hey! Velocipedinarian is me! I just ned to point out that the photo on the carrier bike was taken by Raven De Bonaire. Thanks for publishing.

    1. Hello there! Pleasure to finally meet you! Thanks for all your contributions so far, they are really appreciated by the MCRCycleChic team.


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