Thursday, 29 November 2012

Ride The Lights - Blackpool 2012

So, we take a step back in time, because we couldn't not share with you Velocipedinerian's photos of Ride The Lights - Blackpool of August 2012.

Great stuff V!

{What? Are you saying Blackpool isn't Manchester? That's true, but there's no Blackpool Cycle Chic established yet and the photos were too good to miss, so just sit back, relax and enjoy!}
Titled by V: "Rush hour in Utopia". Too right!

And the piece of resistance (imho)


  1. It was a great night - I'd never seen as many cyclists in one place and yet we still managed to bump into some guys from my cycle club.
    I'd be back for it next year - it was a wonderful atmosphere and the best way to view the illuminations by far - faster than driving as well, a clear view and the sounds of the sea & no car engines!
    The changes to the sea front were brilliant with these 'wave' shapes that are amazing fun on the bike - tho in the semi-dark you can suddenly find yourself descending unexpectedly - just like a roller coaster!
    I too blogged a little after it.

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