Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Over the tramways

Spotted in Manchester City Centre by Alan, these chic cyclists braved crossing the tram tracks! But with style and aplomb nothing can stop them.

You can find more of Alan's Manchester Cycle Chic photography here


  1. I always feel nervous about going over the tram tracks because someone told me their front wheel got stuck in the rail and they went over the handlebars. Not sure if it was one of those urban legends though.

  2. It is a common complaint in San Fransciso. Narrow tyres and smaller wheels are more susceptible; I'm much more cautious of the tram lines on the Brompton than on the Yuba.

  3. wow, if orange nightmare guy gets onto a blaog named Manchester Cycle Chic then you gotta wonder what the author thinks 'chic actually is. Nice shorts! :P

  4. @Sneakerhead - because this blog is new, all three of us are still deciding how to approach it, and what sorts of photos to take and select. If you want to submit something, please do.

  5. @Sneakerhead,

    Those shorts are awesome, I think you're just jealous :P

  6. 30 odd years ago i used to cycle from Salford Crescent to the otherside of Trafford Park. There were loads of train lines, points and long trains running down the road, it was as dodgy then as it is now. I'm started cycling to work last year and the biggest problem as it was all those years ago is wind (not the gastric type) Ok behind you but in the face and sudden side gusts are far worse than any tram track


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