Saturday, 25 August 2012


I thought I had missed that shot as she coasted past me, instead it worked out for the better!

Probably one of my favourite shots yet... cycle chic bien sûr!


  1. Not one of my favourite pics.

    Cyclists should be on the road being assertive, not pressing buttons for permission.

    Nice outfit though.

  2. Pete,

    Whilst the photographed provision is pretty far from best practice, 'on the road being assertive' is hardly the best place for cyclists, as demonstrated by the tremendous success of The Netherlands, Denmark and others where cyclists are given their own space, rather than being forced to share space with motor traffic.

  3. I think we need to think before we write... this photograph was taken within the campus of the University of Manchester, the lady had just unlocked her bike, proceeded towards the pedestrian traffic light and was waiting for the green light to safely (because there's no cycle lane on Oxford Road!!) to get onto the road.

    Let's try and be less judgmental.

  4. Lovely pic - and great outfit :)


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