Monday, 24 September 2012

Raleigh Shopper

Here at MCRCycleChic we are real aficionados of Raleigh Shopper bikes (and its sister the Twenty), so we were delighted to receive this entry on our Flickr group by Velocipedinarian.


  1. Was very tempted to buy one over the weekend...

  2. Oooh I've got one at home, but it needs some TLC, so it's just an ornament in my living room atm. Love the baskets on that one!

  3. In top year primary school in 1969 my teacher bought a Raleigh 20 after her Moulton was stolen.

    The police got her Moulton back but she kept the Raleigh and sold the Moulton to my grandma and now I own it as grandma died many years ago.

    In the 60s only the headteacher of my infant school had a car and many teachers, including my near retirement primary school head teacher, cycled to work, as did many children including me.

    Looking back, car ownership really exploded in the late 70s and cycling shrank drastically at the same time and has never recovered.

    At my old infant school one of the two playgrounds is now a staff car park.


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